We are pleased to announce a new partnership! Jaume & Seré, a leader in logistics in Uruguay and recognized throughout the region, joins the family of Smartcoco – Salesforce clients. It is a great honor to welcome them!

Starting from April 1st, we have embarked on an exciting project to implement Sales Cloud, Salesforce’s customer relationship management (CRM) platform. This project aims to elevate Jaume & Seré to new heights by implementing core business processes using Sales Cloud.

What does this mean for Jaume & Seré? It means they will be able to fully leverage the powerful capabilities of Sales Cloud to transform their way of doing business. From prospecting to customer management, business opportunity administration, quoting, and KPI evaluation, Sales Cloud will provide them with a complete and effective solution.

But what makes Sales Cloud so special? Let us share with you some of the key benefits that Sales Cloud offers to companies in the logistics and foreign trade industry, such as Jaume & Seré:

Centralized Customer Management: Sales Cloud enables Jaume & Seré to gather all customer-related information, including contacts, interaction histories, and transactions, in a single platform accessible from any device.

Process Automation: With Sales Cloud, Jaume & Seré can automate a variety of business processes, from generating sales opportunities to managing leads, allowing them to save time and improve efficiency.

Advanced Analytics and Reporting: Sales Cloud offers powerful analytics and reporting tools that allow Jaume & Seré to gain valuable insights into their sales teams’ performance and the effectiveness of their business strategies.

Customization and Scalability: Sales Cloud is highly customizable and scalable, meaning Jaume & Seré can tailor the platform to their specific needs as their business grows and evolves.

We are excited to work alongside Jaume & Seré on this exciting project and help them achieve new levels of success with Salesforce’s Sales Cloud. Stay tuned for more updates on this exciting journey towards business efficiency and growth.

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