Transform Your Business: The Best of the Salesforce Event with Smartcoco and Epidata

Last Thursday, we had the pleasure of hosting an exceptional event at the Hilton Hotel, where Smartcoco, in collaboration with our Salesforce partner, Epidata, presented the latest innovations and strategies from Salesforce. We want to express our sincere gratitude to all attendees for their valuable participation.

Event Agenda

The event was filled with insights and practical demonstrations that highlighted how Salesforce can transform business operations. Below is a summary of the key points from our agenda:

Introduction to Salesforce:

  • Paula, Country Manager of Epidata, and Marcelo, Sales Manager of Smartcoco, introduced us to the Trailblazer community and the unique capabilities of the world’s number one CRM.

Sales and Customer Service Management:

  • Various Salesforce functionalities for sales management were discussed, including territory planning, route building, live tracking, order taking, and results tracking.
  • In customer service management, automated processes and the use of knowledge to improve customer service were addressed.

Service-Based Business Models:

  • Andrés Campos, Senior Sales Account Executive at Salesforce, highlighted how new service-based business models can drive growth and profitability.
  • It was mentioned that more than 50% of industrial manufacturers consider these models critical to increasing revenue and differentiating from the competition.

Supply Chain Resilience:

  • The constant disruptions in the supply chain and the importance of having adequate technology to create a more resilient chain were discussed.
  • Digital transformation, including the use of scalable analytics and cloud migration, was highlighted as essential to closing visibility and resilience gaps in the supply chain.

The event was an incredible opportunity to get a close look at the tools and strategies Salesforce offers to improve business efficiency and resilience. We are very grateful for the active participation and enthusiasm of all attendees.

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