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Discover Marketing Cloud and make every moment count!

Do you want to attract customers, communicate efficiently and increase your revenue? Then you’re in the right place! With Salesforce Marketing Cloud, you can integrate artificial intelligence into your marketing to create lasting relationships with your customers.


Optimize your marketing systems with data-driven responses to boost your creativity

Use valuable customer data to shape the strategy, audiences and content of your campaigns, all while saving time with generative artificial intelligence integrated throughout your campaign journey!

Ready to succeed with data-driven marketing solutions? Here's how!

Customer data platform: Create a single source of real-time information to personalize every moment.
Personalization: Automate real-time personalization in all your marketing, sales and service activities to increase your conversions and ROI.
Interaction: Increase your productivity with customer-centric communication via email, cell phone, advertising, among other means.
Account interaction: Improve the efficiency of your revenue teams through account-based marketing and marketing automation.
Intelligence: Generate efficiency and focus on ROI with omnichannel intelligence.
Loyalty management: Combines marketing with loyalty to create VIP customer experiences.

And with Salesforce Sales Cloud, you can increase productivity by automating the sales cycle.

Take your marketing actions to generate results with Salesforce Marketing Cloud!